Josh Bedlion is simply the best hire imaginable for any musical project. I have often told Josh that if he wants to continue on as an international assassin he will have to get a new cover, because the current one, a combination of top-of-the-game studio singer and performer with a beautiful, beautiful voice and eye-of-the-needle technique, coupled with the most unassailable professionalism and truly thoughtful, very sensitive execution, topped off with the best bedside manner in the business (or really any business -- he may be the easiest person to spend time with that I have ever met) -- the whole concoction is improbable at best and simply not credible to anyone who is actually working in this industry. Get a limp! Or a gambling problem! because nobody is buying this purple unicorn you've concocted. But buy they do, and I know because I'm one of the buyers myself. I have always used Josh for my OK CHORALE, the poor guy, but really whenever I need a tenor of any sort, I call Josh first. I call him because when he shows up, my to-do list shrinks rapidly down to what exactly do I want? Because within minutes Josh will give it to me -- that is if I can explain it, and if I can't explain it he will intuit it and give it to me like it was my idea after laying out every option available. Josh is a singer who always clarifies my thoughts, then executes them perfectly. And I certainly don't appreciate the unerring warmth and generosity that is the prow of his professional ship. I live in panic that I might misplace his phone number. If you don't hire Josh Bedlion, great, it makes him more available for my thing. May the best man win.”

— John Michael Higgins - Actor / voice actor


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SOUNDWALK: An Auditory Safari - by The LA Choral Lab

Old LA Zoo Picnic Area Merry Go Round Lot 2 Griffith Park Los Angeles, CA 90027, Merry Go Round Lot 2 Griffith Park, Los Angeles


the voices of the L.A. Choral Lab, recorded and heard through your own headphones and smartphone (no live singing) an outdoor choral sound installation a safe experience for you and the members of your household brand-new choral compositions by local composers Divya Maus and Jaco Wong You, the listener, are in control; as you journey through Griffith Park, the music will change and evolve according to your precise location.

Attendees should choose one of the following options. Registration through Eventbrite is required to gain access to SOUNDWALK. OPTION 1: SOUNDWALK+, our enhanced premiere event Our world premiere opening event on Sunday, April 11, 2021, 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM (last arrival window ends at 4:00 PM) Receive a commemorative L.A. Choral Lab lanyard and a specially designed Safari Map to assist you on your SOUNDWALK journey Enhanced with special take-home features and goodies you will discover as you journey throughout the park This event involves NO audience gathering, congregating, or mingling of any kind. Click here to view our detailed safety protocol. OPTION 2: SOUNDWALK, on your own time and terms Experience SOUNDWALK on your own time any time during park hours between April 12, 2021 and May 16, 2021 Pay-what-you-can ticket fees to allow our attendees who are able to financially support us to do so, while also providing an accessible experience for all those who are interested